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Road To Game Dev #1 - My life, post graduation

Well, its been about 7 months since graduating from the Independent Video Game Design program at Dawson College here in Montreal, so I figured it would be a great time to keep those of you who are interested in my journey towards a career in video games updated on my progress and current projects. Going forward it's my goal to make at least one post every month to reflect on my progress myself and keep those of you interested, informed!

Game Design Graduation

While the last two years of my life was a blurred mix of early morning plumbing and late night game development, I'm extremely proud of what me and my various team mates were able to accomplish over the course of the program and how much we all grew from it. Most of my portfolio contains a few of the highlights from these two years, so please explore and discover them for yourself!

It was definitely the kick in the ass I needed in order to dive in to this incredibly challenging, deep and rewarding industry and made me realize that this is truly where I want to be in my professional life moving forward. Special thanks to all the dedicated teachers who helped me along the way (and those of you that still are today!).

Wind Digger

This was the final project for my game design program and I couldn't be happier with the end result. Working with my fellow teammates Jean-Luc St-Pierre and Eli Galvez was a real pleasure and although there was a relatively short timeline to complete an ambitious project, we were able to pull it off with honor's! My deepest thanks to both of you for your professionalism and good company over those 5 months!

While the project still has great potential, we all felt quite burnt out after that long push to complete the demo and decided to mutually leave it as is for the fore-seeable future so the team could focus on our various personal goals and projects, but who knows what the future might hold for the Wind Digger?

Personal Life

While Covid-19 has taken it's toll on 2020, there have still been some exciting things happening in my life. This summer my partner and I co-purchased our first home here in Montreal's up-and-coming Hochelaga neighborhood and we couldn't be happier. Hard to be bored at home when there are lots of potential renovations to be done!

Since graduating I have been applying to various studios around Montreal (and even Ukraine, because why not?) when adequate positions come up. While I have not had complete success with these applications yet, I have come quite far along in the interview process with a couple of them, so I remain positive that the right position will come along eventually. In the meantime, I continue to work as a plumber during the day and on personal projects, check out tutorials online and stay up to date with current developments in the industry during the night to keep honing my skills as a game & level designer, as well as programming.

As this entry is getting quite long, I will save the details of my most recent game projects for the next one, but if you made it this far, I appreciate it and look forward to sharing more development oriented progress with you next time!


- Jordan Funk

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