I am a Game Developer currently residing in Montreal, Quebec.


 Since graduating from Dawson College's Independent Video Game Design course in the spring of 2020, I have been working as a freelance Game Designer as well as working on personal projects. I have a strong working knowledge and experience with Game Design, Programming (C#), 3D and 2D Art + Modelling as well as Entrepreneurship + Business. I have found my strengths lie in Game and Level Design, with a "soft spot" for Programming and a passion for problem solving, critical thinking and careful analysis of game mechanics/systems.

   In the summer of 2019, I released my first complete indie game along with two fellow students under the name of Dead Dreams Studios on itch.io called The Death Of Me and it was well received among those who played it for its sensitive but important subject matter dealing with suicide and self acceptance. In the spring of 2020, I released the demo for Wind Digger: A narrative-based post-apocalyptic 2.5D action platformer that has the player enter the shoes of a mercenary treasure hunter. This demo was created for my final semester project in my game design program and received outstanding praise from my professors and classmates. The demo contains a roughly 15 - 20 minute vertical slice of what the potential full game could look like. 


   Before entering game development, I have had a 12 year career as a Journeyman Plumber. I am in my element when I am hiking, climbing, snowboarding, travelling, or playing drums in the various bands I've been with over the last 10+ years. I also have a passion for creating and editing video, which has seen me take on various hobby projects throughout my life such as snowboarding videos, school projects, skits and game trailers. 

   I am currently continuing development on a personal project, honing my skills and continuing to explore the many interesting facets of game development, as well as working as a freelance Game Designer. 

Stay tuned in to my social media for more and feel free to check out my CV!

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